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Moving Moments with Cindy Tang makes it’s Debut this Labor Day!

Boyertown, PA, USA / 107.5 Alive

September 2, 2018 – News Release.

1075 Alive is excited to share something brand new and Positively Different starting this Labor Day!

Moving Moments, created by our own Cindy Tang, brings her personal stories to life with encouraging, practical and inspirational messages, all in 60 seconds! She has a gift of sharing her life experiences in a heart-felt way that makes you laugh, think, and reflect, all at the same time!

You can also listen to her longer podcast which goes more in depth on the story she’s sharing. We are confident that you will be inspired by her stories, and, at the same time, enjoy the practical and down to earth spiritual teaching she provides.

Cindy has been behind the microphone most of her life as an award-winning radio newscaster and voice over artist. She even owned a frozen yogurt franchise in the 2nd largest mall in the USA. That’s how we met her! Over Frozen Yogurt! Her passion for Christian Radio hasn’t changed since that meeting in 2008. She’s been quietly helping 1075 Alive over the years behind the scenes with our pre-recorded imaging liners.

During her previous full-time career as a radio newscaster, Cindy’s freelance news stories were heard on every major radio news network. She also narrated a 30-episode series on the television network Animal Planet. Cindy received her bachelor’s degree in speech from Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan and her master’s degree in broadcast management from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Based in the Philadelphia suburbs, Cindy loves to be the wind in her family’s sail, enjoys traveling with her husband Ralph and spending time with her two grown sons Jonny and Nate. She also volunteers at a local church food pantry to show how God’s love and provisions can touch the lives of others.


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